Garden design

We provide complete service for all our projects. We carefully select plants from our trusted suppliers, as well as other components needed for garden construction.

Our design experts will assess your land lot, advise on the best use of the space, or simply recommend plants best suited for the given soil conditions.

The possibilities are endless. You can call us about:

– Redesigns of current green spaces (?), creation of new projects

– Garden makeovers

– Nonstandard garden designs

If you are interested in our services, the process is as follows:

– we begin with an initial conversation at the site of the planned garden

– next we present you with a customized estimate for the project

– upon agreement on the terms of collaboration, we start creating a design for the space

– once the design is completed, upon request we can also build the garden, plant greenery, and provide regular maintenance services

All you have to do is call us.