Garden maintenance


It takes a lot of effort to preserve a beautiful landscape. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy their own immaculate garden even if they can’t spare the time for all the necessary upkeep?


It doesn’t matter if you have a new garden or an old garden, or maybe just a lawn. The important thing is that you would like to maintain it regularly. In today’s rushed world, we know it’s not easy to devote to our plants as much time and attention as they need. Our gardening team can take care of your garden, from simple pruning to a complex overhaul of a neglected garden.


If you would like to reserve our gardeners to perform specified jobs in their appropriate season, our team can help. Call us!

– Prunning of trees and bushes, hedge trimming

– Replacement of annuals

– Preparation for the start of a new season

– Overcoming pests and diseases, plant fertilization

– Planting, grass mowing

– Installation, replacement and repair of watering systems

– General clean-up, conservation and maintenance